Bow Wow's name was mostly associated with internet jokes last year but the rapper is back with a new single, "Yeaahh" that aims to dead any doubts that he can make good music.

Over a stripped-down bass drop and sharp snares, Bow Wow addresses the jokes that haunted him in 2017— "This ain't no Bow Wow Challenge, got the jet on the runway,” he raps on the first verse.

He continues with his boasting, proclaiming he's not messing with that "fake shit."

"Off White sneakers, Michael Jackson jacket/Got too many stones in my watch don't know what time it is/And my bitches steady dripping got no time for this shit/So many bands in the safe it looked like a robbed the bitch," he raps.

The song is pretty short, with Bow Wow shouting out Decatur for the weed connect, discussing his prowess in the bedroom and explaining why chicks love his baby face. He gets in and out in just over two minutes, which serves him well.

Take a listen below via Spotify. You can purchase the song here on iTunes.

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