Drake’s More Life is barely 24 hours old and already people are slamming the playlist (or album?) for odd reasons. On Sunday (March 19), U.K. pop singer Lily Allen went on her Twitter page to give her thoughts on Drizzy’s project. Although she likes the playlist, she was saddened by the lack of female features on the project - in particularly, no U.K. female artists.

"22 songs and 1 female feature. Still sad," Allen tweeted.

Granted, Grime artists Skepta and Giggs, as well as DJ Black Coffee are featured on the playlist so it would have been great to see fellow U.K. female rappers like Little Simz and Lady Leshurr on the project. However, to Drake’s credit, there’s one lone female artist on More Life -- up-and-coming U.K. singer Jorja Smith on the dance track, “Get It Together."

But Lily Allen’s critique of More Life didn’t sit well with “Woke Twitter.” Several people dragged Allen on their timelines for trying to police black art and dictate how black artists should create their own music.

Some even criticized Allen for not practicing what she preaches. Take a cursory glance at her discography and you will discover the lack of male features (U.K. artists or otherwise) on her projects. Other folks have also accused Allen of appropriating black culture throughout her music career.

In her defense, Allen tweeted, "'More Life' is great. It's a great moment for Drake and the UK acts he has featured, would have liked to have heard [Ray Blizzy], [Steff London]...[Little Simz], [Lady Chann] who have all been such a big part of the movement Drake is celebrating with this collection of songs."

"I didn't tell anyone anything, I made an observation, started a conversation," she added.

In the end, Lily Allen is getting dragged to bits on Twitter and it’s brutal.

What do you think? Should Drake have included U.K. female artists on More Life or is Lily Allen out of line with her remarks? Tell us in the comments below.

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