A day after Soulja Boy and Lil Yatchy trade verbal shots at each other over who’s dating internet model India “Love” Westbrooks, Lil Boat performed a diss song to the “Crank That” rapper at his show in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday (Oct. 29).

To bring you up to speed, Soulja Boy started posting pictures on his Instagram page of himself hanging out with his rumored girlfriend India Love. This prompted Lil Yachty to send Soulja a text message asking him to stop posting pics of her with him.

This made Soulja really mad and he blasted the “1 Night” rapper on social media with a plethora of angry videos and more photos of him and India Love together (all of which have been deleted by the way). In response, Yachty stayed calm but delivered a cautionary warning to the Atlanta rhymer: “F---in’ with da boat you gone sink. Period.”

Now Yachty is responding with a diss song to Soulja Boy. The rapper performed the song at the Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio, Texas. The song doesn’t have much lyrical value. It’s just him rapping, “F--- Soulja Boy.” He also raps, "F---in' on yo bitch, I know that you mad / It's Lil Boat bitch, I'm so glad."

Yeah, so it’s not “Ether,” but you get the point - Lil Boat doesn’t like Soulja Boy.

Apparently, Lil Yatchy was throwing more shots at Soulja Boy throughout his set. You can watch the madness above and below.

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