The so-called rap beefs are getting out of control. The latest feud is with Soulja Boy and Lil Yatchy - and it’s over a very popular internet model. According to Complex, Soulja posted an image on his Instagram account of what appears to be a text conversation he had with Lil Boat. Apparently, Yachty wanted Soulja to take down a photo of himself hugging on India “Love” Westbrooks.

"Yo G, why you whylin on the gram," Yachty supposedly asked him. "India my shorty. I f--- wit u bro u know dat but u gotta take dat down."

The "Crank That" rapper responded to Lil Yatchy's request with "I can't tell. You want beef N----?" In the caption to another post, he wrote, "How this your girl when I been rocking with her before you?" Adding, "How she your girl and we been rocking for YEARS. If she yours post a pic wit her oh I forgot u never even met her before."

For those of you who don't know. Soulja is reportedly dating India Love after a brief - but messy fling - with British Williams. However, the gossip blogs are reporting that India isn't claiming any man, but that didn't stop Soulja from delivering the pettiness to Lil Boat.

Following his convo with Lil Yachty, Soulja posted several more photos of him and India chilling together, while throwing more shot at the "All In" rapper. Later, Soulja posted videos where he threatened to beat up Lil Yachty and called him a groupie.

In response, Lil Yachty seems to want to keep it peaceful but did offer a cautionary warning. "I'm not beefin' over no female...all I'ma say is...f---in with da boat you gone sink. Period."

Reactions to this beef have been hilarious with many fans wondering why Soulja and Lil Yachty are fighting over a woman who has a reputation for being a groupie.

"Lil Yachty and Soulja boy beefing over India Love is like arguing who owns the moon," tweeted one fan. Another person wrote, "Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty are beefing over India Love as if there aren't 1000 other IG models out there."

Peep the fans' reactions and Souja Boy's pettiness below.

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