Times are a bit hard in the yard for Lil Wayne's longtime manager Cortez Bryant and his crew. Bryant is known for being a sharp businessman, but recently a series of fake managers have been using his namesake and booking fake Lil Wayne shows. These false managers also steal deposits from promoters and cause a lot of negative reaction when fans don't get what was advertised. It's become such a problem that Bryant's people have issued a statement on how to spot a fake.

Waiting to see Wayne in your favorite club and it sounds too good to be true? Check these fake emails below to make sure you aren't getting played.

"It has come to light that an individual has been impersonating Bryant Management CEO Cortez Bryant, and Bryant Management operations manager Nina Packer, for financial gain through false bookings of a Lil Wayne featuring Young Money / Cash Money family tour," reads the statement. "Utilizing phony email addresses (cbryant@youngmoneytour2011.com / N.PACKER@YOUNGMONEYTOUR2011.COM) the individual(s) have been targeting independent promoters across the nation in an attempt to solicit dates for a Lil Wayne headlined tour featuring artists such as Nicki Minaj, Drake, Birdman and others for spring 2011."

The statement continues by clarifying that Wayne is booked by Live Nation exclusively. If there is a spring Young Money tour, which seems likely, it will come through them and publicized via official channels.