Lil Wayne once again had to deal with someone disrupting his set. A couple of weeks ago, Weezy told his goons to take care of someone who threw a bottle on stage. For some reason, his squad didn't move as soon as the rapper gave word, but that wasn't the case at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami.

At one point during Tunechi's set, some guy ran clear across the stage, only to be caught and tackled by some extremely large men. Afterwards, the guy was roughed up a little and kicked, then eventually dragged behind the stage.

It's unknown what the guy was trying to do, and it's also unclear if drugs or alcohol played a factor, but it wouldn't be surprising.

Tonight (May 8), Wayne will be playing at the Coco-Cola Roxy in Atlanta (May 8), then he'll be heading to Grand Rapids, Mich. for a show at 20 Monroe Live on May 10. After that, he'll be playing in Detroit, then he'll be flying to Anchorage, Alaska for a gig at the George M. Sullivan Sports Arena.

Hopefully, those attending those shows saw the clip of the man at Rolling Loud, and they make wiser choices as it relates to sprinting across the stage.

You can see the Rolling Loud incident above.

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