Arguably, one of the biggest stories in hip-hop last year is when Lil Wayne said he wanted to leave Cash Money Records. He then sued the label and his boss, Birdman, for a whopping $51 million.

How did the the New Orleans spitter come at that large amount? Thankfully, Reggie Ossé, otherwise known as Combat Jack, explained it all in a video courtesy of Complex magazine. You see, before he became a prominent hip-hop writer and podcaster, Ossé was an entertainment layer who negotiated major contracts for artists like Jay Z and Nore.

In the video, he explains that Weezy actually negotiated his contract with Cash Money several times. First in January 2005, then again in 2006 and once again three years later in 2009. Each negotiation had to do with higher royalties, more money for Wayne when he does duet albums and higher advances.

On Tha Carter V album, Tunechi was supposed to be paid $10 million. The deal stipulated that he would get $8 million to start the album and $2 million when he completed it. However, court documents show that he was only paid $2 million out of the initial $8 million and never received anything else -- even though he completed and turned the album in.

As it currently stands, Cash Money owes Wayne $8 million just for the Tha Carter V album alone, which is crazy.

In addition, Weezy is still owed large amounts of money for his Young Money empire. According to Combat Jack, Cash Money never properly compensated him for Drake becoming a big star and selling millions of records.

Wayne also alleges that Cash Money never split the copyrights for Young Money artist, the label kept all the money for themselves.

So as you can see, this is a big legal mess, but as Jack pointed out, it's a one-sided lawsuit as Birdman has yet addressed the Wayne's allegations.

You can watch Combat Jack's breakdown of the entire lawsuit above.

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