Rapper Lil Wayne has jumped into the fray regarding Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist comments made in an audio recording. The audio features the owner begging his then girlfriend V. Stiviano, who is bi-racial, to not broadcast her association with black people on Instagram.

Much like fellow rapper Snoop Dogg, who blasted Sterling for his remarks, Weezy recorded a video as well and addressed the situation.

“I’ma sum it up for everybody that I believe feel this way,” said Wayne in the clip, which was posted on his blog Bread Over Bed. "I’ma sum it up for everybody on my side of the gate and I think you know what I mean when I say that."

"F--- you. That simple. That easy," he continued.

"If I was a Clipper fan, I wouldn’t be one anymore, it’s that simple. But if I was a Clipper player, a current Clipper player, you wouldn’t see me on the court anymore in that uniform. An apology wouldn’t do for me. It wouldn’t work for me."

Wayne feels that pride and respect is bigger than any basketball game. And if the team owner doesn’t have any respect for his players then what’s the point of playing on his basketball team.

"And then as a Clipper player with pride and respect, I’d understand that the person that owns the team that I’m playing for has no respect for me or my people or my kind," he states. "And I’m out here busting my ass every night...to win for the team that would only make Donald Sterling happier, richer. Nah. So if I was a current Clipper, I wouldn’t be anymore. Purple and yellow, n----."

Purple and yellow for those who don’t know are the colors of the Clippers rival basketball team the Los Angeles Lakers.

And things are getting worst for Donald Sterling.

Sports website Deadspin has acquired an extended five-minute audio of another conversation he had with V. Stiviano spewing out more racist rhetoric.

If you thought the original nine-minute tape obtained by TMZ was repulsive, the latest audio is abhorrent and clearly shows that Sterling is a racist old-timer.

Check it out below.

Listen to the Extended Donald Sterling Tape Acquired by Deadspin

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