On the heels of breaking up with Christina Milian, rumors of a sex tape featuring Lil Wayne and two women have surfaced. The scandalous visual is unlikely to be released since the Young Money team has threatened to sue any site that hosts the video.

"We'll sue the hell out of them," Weezy's rep told TMZ. The rep also noted that if there is a tape, the NOLA rapper didn't know it was being filmed. And according to what a few porn companies told TMZ, the video being shopped around to them shows the rapper wearing nothing but his socks and two "more-than-accommodating women who do all the work."

Lil Wayne and Milian called off their relationship in late August after a year of dating and musical collaborations, according to Entertainment Tonight! However, they seemed to end their romance on good terms as they performed their new song, "Do It," at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival, two days after the split was made public. Even though they've parted ways, we sure a Weezy sex tape doesn't sit well with the singer.

With threats of a suit, posting the video will most likely cause a high legal risk for any accommodating site. And it seems that Wayne's rep has not much to worry about since no one is really looking to watch the sex tape.

"Nobody Cares About A Lil Wayne Sextape," wrote one Twitter user. "YUCK," simply declared another. Some others have called Wayne too "ugly" to watch. Ouch.

Check out some of the harsh tweets below.

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