Two Indianapolis security guards are being charged with impersonating police, after wearing police-style uniforms and gun belts while escorting rapper Lil Wayne into a Bloomington, Ind., nightclub on Wednesday (April 13).

According to Indiana's WISH-TV, Ronald Andre Harrod, 43, and Larry Lee Richardson, 23, led Wayne's tour buses to the nightclub in vehicles adorned with flashing red and blue lights and sirens, "wearing police-type uniforms and gun belts as they drove a caravan of tour buses from Assembly Hall to a local Nightclub."

When questioned by police, the two men, who were neither actual members of Wayne's security detail nor hired by his label or management, claimed to have licenses for the sirens and police beacons. They were charged with impersonating public servants. Wayne's lawyer has confirmed that he has not been named in the case.

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