In a recent interview with Ozone magazine, Lil Wayne explained the rationale behind his eccentric Twitter style. "I asked Twist when I got on Twitter, 'What am I supposed to do?' He said, 'You're supposed to say what you're thinkin'.' That's what I be thinkin'." When asked what it is that he thinks about, Wayne replied "Right now. I think about the moment, but my thoughts usually last for days and lifetimes." And that's deep. Jack Handy. [LilWayneHQ]

John Mayer no longer digs Twitter. "By no means do I think it's over as a medium altogether, but I do think that the days of "Twitter: The Breakthrough" have passed, as has been and will continue to be the case for every online social network," said the scandalized singer. "It's reached it's cruising altitude, so to speak. Patterns and templates are emerging. The Twitter-bred syntax isn't really doing it for me anymore." Maybe go back to Jessica Simpson/crack? [JohnMayer]

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