Canadian personality Nardwuar, also known as The Human Serviette, has another A-list interview to add to the resume.

The eccentric journalist recently caught up with Lil Wayne on his I Am Still Music tour stop in Vancouver, discussing everything from lap dances with Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled spinning records back in the day to being a fan of Nirvana and his very first rap name.

Commencing the interview by gifting him a Cheech & Chong LP, Nardwuar started off by drawing a commonality between Weezy and Steve Nash who appeared at a recent Phoenix gig -- they both got lap dances from Minaj. "I think his was a little better than mine because he looked a little more excited than I did. I need to talk to Nicki about that, but yeah, we do," Wayne said. "I've been talking to Webster about creating more words because there isn't any words now to explain it."

Nardwuar also busted out paraphernalia from former Cash Money artist Pimp Daddy -- who inspired Weezy's initial rap name, Shrimp Daddy -- and Nirvana, of which Wayne claimed to be a huge fan. "When I was young, they used to have a television station called The Box," explained Wayne. "Smells like Teen Spirit' used to always be on. The video would always be on and you had no choice but to get into it from there."

Wayne is currently on his North American tour with Nicki, Rick Ross and Travis Barker. The trek is scheduled to wrap up this Sunday at East Rutherford, NJ's Bamboozle Festival.

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