Lil WayneThough New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne's long-delayed "rock" album 'Rebirth' has yet to see release, his engineer KY recently disclosed that Weezy has already recorded an album's worth of songs for the next installment in his wildly popular 'Tha Carter' series.

"Of course after 'Rebirth,' 'Tha Carter 4' is up next. He already has about 20 records for it done already," KY revealed in a recent interview. With a likely one-year prison term looming for Wayne, we can only imagine he'll have doubled the amount of recorded songs by the time he goes away. The rapper will be sentenced for gun possession on Feb. 9.

KY also explained that this time around, they'll be taking every possible measure to keep the recorded tracks close. "It's not really much we can do because they hack emails or people might come into the studio after we leave and get the songs and put them out," lamented the engineer. "We don't email anymore so it has calmed down a lot, but as soon as we do send it out, it's on the street in less than a week. Another thing is that when songs leak that were going on an album it pushes the album back, because we have to keep making new songs that people haven't heard."

Wayne's 'Rebirth' is scheduled to drop on Feb. 2.