After all the delays, rumors, leaks and legal battles of 2009, Lil Wayne has finally confirmed a release date for his forthcoming album 'Rebirth.' According to, the high-anticipated LP will hit stores on Dec. 15 -- and yes, Weezy is still on the road to rock stardom. Wayne told Billboard that he has remained solid on his promise to deliver a rock album, even enlisting Lenny Kravitz, Fall Out Boy and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker for the effort.

"I play guitar on 80 percent of the songs, and there's a lot of rock influences and rock beats ... But I don't want people to think I'm trying to do something I can't do. Don't think you're going to put on the album and hear me screaming and singing."

The New Orleans rapper is aware his fans might be confused about the rock concept, but says it allowed him the freedom to move past the limitations of being a rapper.

"When I said I was doing a rock album, it was about doing a freedom thing," he said. "This album isn't hip-hop." Wayne also pointed out that despite the leaks that have hit the net, fans should still expect some surprises on the album because he took the time to whip up some new tracks. "I had to add new cuts, because a lot of things leaked, making people think they had an idea of what I was doing with 'Rebirth' and what it would sound like," he said. "And I hated that, because I never want anybody to think they know what I'm doing until I present it. So what I did was make it totally different. I flipped it."

in addition to the rock-heavy guests, R&B darling Drake also makes an appearance on 'Rebirth.' There has not been final confirmation on whether the album will be released in conjunction with Cash Money's 'We Are Young Money' CD, aslo due Dec. 15. Following the release of 'Rebirth,' Lil Wayne is scheduled to serve a minimum eight-month prison sentence after a felony conviction for weapons possession.

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