With Lil Wayne in jail fans have been speculating what sort of content the rapper's bound to leave Rikers with. Will it be more of the same? Has he started actually writing again? Well, Wayne wrote on his new lyrical prowess in yet another letter from the pen this morning.

"So I've been writing and let me be the first to tell you that the lyrics that I'm writing are ... well there's no word that I can think of that properly defines them," he wrote. "Amazing would be too typical and perfect would be unfair."

All reports indicate that Weezy will receive an early release in November. Last week, Young Money CEO Cortez Bryant told Vibe he was eyeing a late September release date for a new Wayne EP. As for Weezy's thoughts about how Young Money is operating in his absence, it's safe to say that he's pretty thrilled with how his young prodigies Drake and Nicki Minaj are holding down the camp. He continues, "I applaud my Young Money family for what they're doing. As I'm not surprised. This is what we're supposed to do. Congrats to Drake and Nicki [Minaj] for all their recent success. Those 2 are going to have me retiring early."

But Wayne is in high spirits for other reasons too. "Counting the days and still smiling," he writes. "Most of those smiles come from hearing my kids' voices over the phone. The others come from reading fan mail. Let me just say that I have the best fans in the world! The devotion, dedication, support, love, and most of all, prayers are simply the best. I never imagined that I could have such an impact on people's lives. Because of this, I vow to be a bit more careful of what I say."