Lil Wayne may have a laundry list of legal troubles, but he's still the hardest working MC around. While Wayne appeared in a New York courtroom and pleaded guilty to weapons possession, tracks rumored to be off his forthcoming 'No Ceilings' mixtape made the rounds on the 'net. On one track, Wayne put his spin on F.L.Y.'s 'Swag Surfin'' and spits "I said, 'T.I. hold ya head, and Mack hold your head/ I wish I could, but I can't say some other names/ I can't because of the feds."

Wayne goes on to shout out his multiple baby mamas before shouting "no ceilings" and confirming (?) that the track is off the upcoming. "I'm a New Orleans n---a, I don't take no sh--/ Took the brain off the whip, now it doesn't make no sense, he spits. "I love my baby mamas, they get my highest honors/ Gotta take care of them kids, man, I know you heard Obama."

Wayne rhymes to Gucci Mane's 'Wasted' on the second leaked record, but stays away from Mr. Brrr's intoxicated theme. Instead, he boasts about his crew. "It's Young Money, we the f---in' greatest," he raps. "We done put them other n---s on hiatus."

There's no official word on when 'No Ceilings' officially drops, but Young Money member Mack Maine did confirm that the project is complete.