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Police raided Lil Wayne’s lavish mansion in Miami Beach on Tuesday (Nov. 3), but it wasn't because criminal activity was taking place.

According to, police excuted a levy warrant in order to satisfy debts that Weezy owes. Apparently, Signature Group, a jet leasing company, sued Wayne after he stopped paying his $55,000-per-month lease on his Gulfstream II jet. In September, a judge ruled that Wayne must pay $2 million in late fees and court costs to the company.

No one was at home at the time of the raid. In the video report, police confiscated furniture and valuable football memorabilia from the mansion.

The last time police invaded Wayne's home was back in March when he was a victim of swatting. Someone prank called 911 to report that a person was shot inside the rapper's home. When police stormed the residence they found nothing and chalked it up as a hoax.

Reps for Lil Wayne had no comment on police raiding his home and confiscating his property.

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