Several New Orleans rap luminaries were in attendance at the funeral service for slain rapper Magnolia Shorty, held earlier today. Juvenile, B.G., Mack Maine and Lil Wayne were all sighted at the private service, which was only open to close friends and family.

The 28-year-old former Cash Money rapper was widely regarded as the "Queen of Bounce" for her pioneering contributions to the bounce movement. She was laid to rest at the Fifth African Baptist Church today, after being shot down last week in her New Orleans East housing complex.

"I think about how small she was, with a big voice," Juvenile said in a recent interview, regarding the slain MC. "And how brave she was, as a woman, going to some of the areas she went to and getting on the mic and making her songs."

"R.I.P to my big sister Magnolia Shorty," Lil Wayne tweeted, when news broke of her murder. "[T]his is a krazy world."

Magnolia Shorty was discovered by Lil Wayne's "father" Birdman, and signed to Cash Money in 1995. Her 1997 debut album 'Monkey on the D---' is considered by many to be a bounce classic.

Listen to Magnolia Shorty's 'Monkey on the D---'