Legions of rap fans were treated to a remarkable surprise on Saturday night (Nov. 6) as Lil Wayne surprised both Drake and the audience when he hit the stage during the finale of the Toronto MC's "Light Dreams and Nightmares" tour in Las Vegas.

Drake, who had yet to see Wayne since his release from prison, was unaware of the Young Money head honcho's presence at the show. According to Drake, the dreadlocked rapper's appearance onstage took him completely by surprise.

"I talked to him on the phone and he was like, 'I'll see you in Miami. I got my party. I hope you make it,'" Drake told MTV News. "So I hit 'Tez who manages me and Wayne and I said, 'You're not coming to the last show?' And he was like, 'No man, can't make it.' That's how I hit the stage tonight. I got no surprises for these people. They all think Wayne is coming and he's not coming."

As the former 'Degrassi' star ripped through the lyrics of 'Miss Me,' a shirtless Lil Wayne popped out to help finish up the track with his choice lines. Following his verse, Weezy paused to address the cheering crowd before leaving the venue.

"I'm back," the Louisiana native said. "It feels good to be back. If you love me like I love you, please make some motherf---ing noise.... I'm fresh home from my vacation and ain't nothing, nothing, nothing like home."

Since his release from Rikers Island on Thursday (Nov. 4), Wayne has kept himself busy with a court appearance in Yuma, Ariz. and the Hornets vs. Heat basketball game in New Orleans, La. Tonight, the heavily tattooed rapper will celebrate his freedom from a jail cell with a homecoming bash in Miami Beach, which is set to include a private party and a trip to King of Diamonds strip club.