Besides November signifying the month for giving thanks, it also serves as a poignant moment in hip-hop history with the prison release of Inmate #02616544L. Today (Nov. 4), Lil Wayne completes an eight-month sentence for weapons possession and will step foot outside of Rikers Island in New York City as a free man. So what should be the first order of business on the 28-year-old MC's To-Do list? Check out 10 things Weezy F. Baby needs to put on his agenda.

Get Inked Up

At this point, one more tattoo on Lil Tunechi's body is like losing count of the rappers Kat Stacks has bagged. But, as is the case with both, one more won't hurt. As a cathartic way of expressing his time behind bars, the Louisiana native can opt for scripted ink like "Suicide Watch" (for his prison job) or "No Soap, No Problems" (for the obvious).

Write a Book

Sure, Wayne will undoubtedly have a sit-down interview with the likes of '60 Minutes' in the near future, however, there's only so much that can be revealed in an hour-long show. After 241 days in the slammer, the Young Money head honcho can detail everything from the rhymes he wrote in solitary confinement to the real reason guards made unscheduled visits to him. Bestseller list, perhaps? Apparently, it's already in the works.

Obtain a Medical Marijuana License

Weezy inhales -- no surprise there. With a pastime that hot, it would be in the rapper's best interest to register for a medical marijuana card. Hawaii, Maine and California, among others, have passed laws legalizing the drug for medical use, so waiving the license in the face of cops may prevent him from claiming another inmate number.

Visit a Psychic

Back in 2007, when Wayne was initially arrested for the infamous gun charge outside of New York City's Beacon Theatre, he should have made a pit-stop at one of the Big Apple's many fortune tellers before hitting the venue's stage. While he can't erase the past, he may be able to see into the future now and dodge the law with the help of psychics like Sylvia Brown.

Dine with Bill Clinton

In an interview this week on 96.1 KISS FM, former President Bill Clinton shared his hopes that one of hip-hop's biggest stars would have "a good life now" post-prison. To prove Mr. "I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman" right, the 'I Am Not a Human Being' star should invite Clinton to his hometown of Miami for some friendly banter and grub.

Steer Clear of L.A.

Following T.I. and Tiny's arrest in Los Angeles two months ago, Lil Wayne's every move will be ultimately hawked by local police while in the city. A visit to a studio session with Dr. Dre or just grabbing a bite to eat at In-N-Out Burger could even lead to a stake-out. To prevent mishaps like this from occurring, the adroit rhymer shouldn't rest in the West for the time being.

Hire Armed Security

There's no more running around strapped for Wayne unless he's aiming a squirt gun in a water fight. Birdman's son may have had eight months to dissect his actions but the question remains: Did he truly mend his ways? It's apparent following the rules hasn't always been the rapper's strong suit, but allowing his security team to legally protect him is the first step in the right direction.

Plan a Thanksgiving Eve Fête

Besides ringing in the New Year, DJs and rappers know that Thanksgiving Eve comes a close second to the biggest event in nightclub extravanganzas. A fitting way to celebrate his return, Wayne will have no trouble calling on his Young Money team and Miami affiliates like DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and Trina for a performance of all-star proportions.

Finalize His Super Group

Paying homage to The Firm -- Nas, Foxy Brown, Nature and AZ -- Wayne should realize that he, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Tyga could cash in on a venture guaranteed to succeed. Let's face it, watching the entire YM roster on stage at once is strikingly similar to Bebe's Kids running amuck. Downsize for an upgrade.

Speak to the Kids

Dwayne Carter has power. The outpouring of fan mail he received while locked up is a small example of how he's affected the masses, kids specifically. While they supported him in his time of need, schools around the country would benefit if he did the same by setting up speaking engagements to discuss his mission to abide by the law. Set a good example, Weezy.

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