This is surely going to ruffle Lil Wayne's feathers. If you thought Young Thug's relentless attempts to vex Wayne were beyond childish, he has managed to find a new way to annoy him. During an interview with No Days Off Radio, Thugger revealed that's he's contemplating naming his new mixtape Carter V.

Young Thug will name his project after the Carter series if Lil Wayne's album doesn't get released. "I'ma drop one more mixtape before my album. The album is called Hy!£UN35. I'ma drop one more mixtape. I'll probably name it Carter V 'cause the original Carter V still ain't came out yet. I don't know what f--- they're doing. Slow-poking. So I'ma put that motherf---er out for him," he said, donning a snug Hooters tank top.

With the Hy!£UN35 LP slated to drop Aug. 28, Thug isn't shying away from stirring the pot of controversy. If you recall, Wayne and Thugger have traded countless barbs ever since the "Danny Glover" rapper unveiled his decision to name his last mixtape Carter 6. Despite lauding Wayne and declaring his album title as a form of flattery, Tunechi was perturbed by Thugger's actions and mocked him on numerous occasions. Even though Thug was forced to change his last project's title to Barter 6 for legal reasons, he doesn't seem worried to say the least about the possible repercussions this time around.

Thug also spoke on his label situation and explained that he's indeed signed to solely Atlantic Records and not Birdman. He also addressed the engagement to his fiancee, meeting Kanye West and his clothing line.

Watch Young Thug take another jab at Lil Wayne above.

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