Lil Wayne's 'How to Love' was a surprising turn for the rapper who sung his way through the guitar-laden track, showcasing his softer and more emotive side. Now, a group of L.A. subway riders are bringing more life to 'Tha Carter IV' track, which was released in June.

The Love Project, launched by L.A. local advertising agency Muse Communications, created a cultural experiment where those taking part tried to get "to the heart of what love really means" by performing the Young Money CEO's hit song on public transportation.

In a press release issued by Muse Communications chairman and chief creative officer, Jo Muse, she explained The Love Project was created in an effort to explore culture and share it with a broader audience.

In the two-minute clip, a man boards the subway with guitar in hand and kicks off the song. As the commute gets underway, he's joined by more passengers singing 'How to Love,' including a ponytail-sporting tween who knows all of the lyrics.

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