Lil Wayne's Cash Money Records has finally resolved royalty disputes with the producers of two of Weezy's biggest hits.

Having reconciled with estranged 'A Milli' producer Bangladesh, who turned around and handed Weezy his hot new single, '6'7,' it is now being reported that Wayne and co. have come to terms with fellow 'Tha Carter III' producer Jim Jonsin. Jonsin famously helmed Wayne's 2008 smash 'Lollipop,' but filed a $500,000 lawsuit earlier this year, claiming he was never paid the royalties he was owed for the song.

"We worked out an arrangement," Jonsin explained in an interview with a Florida newspaper. "They're giving me some money now, and will pay the balance in the first or second quarter next year. I never had an issue with [Lil] Wayne, he and I were cool. It's just there was some confusion owing to [clearance issues with] a sample from another song I made for him ['I Feel Like Dying']."

Now that everything is Kosher between Wayne and Jonsin, we're hoping to see a production credit by the Florida producer on Wayne's forthcoming 'Tha Carter IV,' which is scheduled for a February 2011 release.

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