Drake is one of the hottest rappers out right now but Lil Wayne says he can destroy the Toronto rapper in a battle.

"Man, I annihilate that guy," said the New Orleans native on Cari Champion’s Be Honest ESPN Radio podcast after a discussion on the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef. Tha Carter V creator wouldn't admit who he thinks won in the highly publicized battle but he did reveal that "everybody" likes Drake's "Back to Back."

In the podcast, Weezy also recalled finding the now critically acclaimed artist and giving him some sound advice. He assured the Take Care creator to "rap about what you know" and "keep it Canadian" by speaking on "whatever you wanna rap about." "Rap about your little TV show, rap about girls, don’t start singing about killing nobody," he said.

Weezy also assured that Young Money fans should expect the next installment in Tha Carter series.

“I do have Tha Carter V finished,” Wayne said. “What I am working on now is a comfortable way and comfortable deal to put Tha Carter V out.” The "A Milli" rapper has been relentlessly making music too. “I’m in the studio every single day. I’m not working on any certain thing, I just be working,”

Wayne also recalled his humble beginnings in the interview including the first phone call he got from Jay Z.

"I was in my house in New Orleans. It was my second house on my own... We were all shooting pool in my garage... I got a phone call letting me know -- Jay Z is about to call you. So I told everybody to be quiet... Like bro, be quiet... Like you shot a gun in the air [laughs]... All he really said is 'Sup, lil homie. I see you. Just wanted to let you know, I see you.'" Wayne explained. "At that moment, my mama couldn't tell me nothing."

Listen to the entire interview below where Lil Wayne discusses N.W.A., why he thoguht Straight Outta Compton was "awesome" and of course, sports.

Listen to Lil Wayne's Interview on Cari Champion’s Be Honest ESPN Radio Podcast 

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