For the premiere of the VH1 series 'Behind the Music,' rapper Lil Wayne left no stone unturned when talking about his childhood and drug use. The 27-year-old, who can be seen smoking marijuana during the episode, stated that he got high off of crack cocaine when he was just 11-years-old.

"We didn't know what it was," Weezy said of the substance. "We were that young. We didn't know if it was dope, coke, crack." Feeling like he may have been telling too much the rapper jokingly continued, "Man my momma [is going to] kill me!" Growing up in New Orleans to a single mother, the then 11-year-old Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Carter Jr., also started having sex, and smoking and selling marijuana. "I ended up getting high off my own supply," he said of his early drug dealing days.

Less than a year later, Wayne almost took his own life after finding a gun in his mother's room and accidentally shooting himself in the chest. "I was in [her room] on my rap sh--," he said. "Got a gun ... music blasting, thinking I'm safe ... playing around. I heard [police knocking], of course, I couldn't scream or nothing. I [had] a big a-- bullet hole in my chest. I [couldn't] make no noise. I just slid to the door on my own blood." Wayne was rushed to a New Orleans hospital and the bullet, which was less than an inch from his heart, was extracted from his chest.

Wayne also addressed his rumored addiction to the prescription cough syrup, codeine, which he has denied in previous interviews. "I [am going to] do what I want," he said. "Why should I stop drinking whatever it is that's in my cup? I think people need to mind their own business. I don't care if it was heroine in my cup ... It's in my cup! F--- you!."

The Emmy-winning series, which aired from 1997-2006, was re-hatched and will include future episodes chronicling the life and career of Pink, T.I. Bobby Brown and 50 Cent. 'Behind the Music' airs Thursday nights at 10PM ET on VH1.