Though Lil Wayne will be a free man come November 5, he's facing more legal trouble nearly a month before he's back on the streets. The Young Money leader will be served a complaint for copyright infringement and a federal court summons before he gets out of prison, due to a long-standing lawsuit over unpaid royalties.

The summons stems from a lawsuit filed in January 2009 after Atlanta-based producer Mali Boi, who worked on Wayne's 2008 hit 'Mrs. Officer,' failed to receive royalty payments for the song. Mali Boi, whose real name is Michael Bradford, claims to have originally made the beat for the tune in 2003, with the track later being reconfigured by producer Deezle.

Cash Money Records failed to comment on the suit, but agreed to hold on royalty payments received from digital downloads, retail sales and ringtones until the two parties could agree on an amicable solution.

Mali Boi isn't the only producer who has cried foul on Lil Wayne and Cash Money's behavior. Bangladesh, who produced the hit 'A Milli' included on 'Tha Carter III,' originally put Weezy on blast for failing to pay his $500,000 production bill. Though Bangladesh went on a smear campaign by trash-talking Wayne in several interviews, the issues are being worked out.

"Everything is being worked out through the legal process," he told The BoomBox. "It's really out of his control honestly. I mean he don't run the label, he don't own the label -- he's just on the label."

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