By the way it appears, you might be dancing the night away to a new Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh album.

According to Play — who’s one half of the production team Play-N-Skillz — he’ll be crafting a new EDM project with the New Orleans artists, which could be coming out sooner than later.

“[Mannie] was like ‘Yo, I’ve got this project I’m doing with Lil Wanye, [an] EDM thing,’” he said. “‘I’ve got these vocals. I wanna do it with you guys. Let’s do it together, so we got it motion.”

It’s safe to say that a good number of Cash Money fans will be excited to know that Weezy and Fresh are working together again, but whether they’ll be happy an EDM album is coming out instead of a rap release remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, as we previously reported, another affiliate of the New Orleans label found himself in the news this week when he accused Wayne and others of turning their backs on him after prison.

“I don’t got no beef with no n----, but I am disappointed in you n----,” said Turk about Tunechi, Juvenile and Mannie. “And ya’ll know who I’m talking about. It’s been almost four years since I’ve been home, and I be wanting to do shows with ya’ll. Just being real.”

“I don’t know if you n---- got a problem with Turk, but if you got a problem with Turk please address that s---, ‘cause I’m sick of n----- keep coming to me talking ‘bout ‘Why you ain’t do shows with so and so? Why you ain’t got no songs and no tracks from so and so,’” he added.

At this time, neither Weezy, Mannie or Juvenile have responded to Turk’s message but there’s definitely a chance they may.

As far as the forthcoming EDM album, Play says he couldn’t be more excited about it, especially since he got to work with one of his favorite beat-makers.

“I got the most respect for Mannie Fresh,” he said. “He’s actually one of my idols, me and my brother. When we were coming up, his drums and his drum rolls, his patterns were so inspirational to us.”

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