Lil Wayne's temper apparently got the best of him while on tour last year. The NOLA rapper has been slapped him with a lawsuit that claims he was trying to kill a former bus driver.

Mark Jones was hired to drive Wayne and his entourage from place to place on the rapper's 2014 summer tour, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. Jones claims that he stopped the bus for gas around 11:30 p.m. one night and the stop allegedly made Wayne so angry that he started swearing. The driver was so scared that he actually restarted the vehicle and kept driving despite not refueling.

Jones said Wayne continued to be irate and even threatened to pistol whip him and finish the job by killing him.

There was also one point during the night when Tunechi reportedly approached the driver with an actual gun and aimed it at close range. "I want to get to the hotel now," Lil Wayne is quoted as saying. Jones says he followed directions and drove silently for 30 minutes.

Now Jones is suing Wayne for false imprisonment, assault and emotional distress. There has been no comment from Lil Wayne's camp regarding the allegations.

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