Lil Wayne has been involved in his fair share of drug busts, most recently a 2008 incident where Arizona police retrieved Ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine and a firearm from the rapper's tour bus. Although the rapper has been keeping a relatively low profile since his release from prison in November for a separate gun charge, Wayne's name came up during a huge New Jersey drug bust this week. Local news channel PIX News captured footage of 500 bricks of heroin, worth $250 million, stashed inside of an SUV side panel that was uncovered by Newark police. Weezy's involvement? The bricks were branded "Lil Wayne" in honor of the famous rapper.

"The driver had no driver's license. We, at that point, we decided to call for a narcotics dog, conducted a sniff test and sure enough, right away, on the exterior of the vehicle, he actually had a positive reaction," said an officer. "This might pose a danger to the distributor himself, depending on the level he's on. Whether he's a mid-level or lower-level or he's actually the main guy, somebody's losing money right now."

Wayne most recently copped a plea deal via satellite video feed to prosecutors in Arizona's Yuma County Superior Court for the charges stemming from his 2008 arrest. As part of his deal, the 28-year-old is prohibited from associating with persons engaging in criminal activity, cannot possess illegal drugs, toxic vapors or controlled substances, and must submit to drug and alcohol testing.

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