Is it really that surprising that Lil Reese, one of Chief Keef's crew, was caught on tape hitting a woman? The Chicago scene is known for it's particularly violent issues, and the recent controversy surrounding Keef and his crew has drawn a lot of media attention to the area. So when footage was released of Lil Reese physically assaulting a woman, it was shocking, but perhaps not totally unexpected.

The rapper, who recently signed a deal with Def Jam, claimed in a series of tweets that the footage was from three years ago, and posted (of course) by the never ending stream of haters that all moderately popular rappers seem to be plagued with.

Aside from his recent record deal, Lil Reese also had his track "Us" remixed by Rick Ross and Drake, and is working with Drake on new songs -- cosigns that mean almost as much as a major label deal.

The skeletons of his past may alter opinions on Reese, or they might just roll off like they did for fellow woman-beater Chris Brown, who continues to make music, receive accolades and even maintain a friendship with the woman he hospitalized, Rihanna.

If for any reason you want to watch the footage, it is available at World Star Hip Hop.

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