Lil' Kim's ex-boyfriend Damion "World" Hardy is facing the death penalty if convicted of murdering six people, the New York Daily News reports. A federal judge authorized federal agents to forcibly medicate the former drug kingpin in order for him to competently stand trial.

Hardy, who once lived with the Hardcore rapper in a New Jersey mansion and drove a Range Rover she reportedly bought for him, was once the leader of the Cash Money Brothers, a violent Brooklyn-based drug organization.

In 2004, he was arrested and taken into custody for his role in the six murders -- four of the murders were allegedly ordered by Hardy in retaliation for the killing of his brother by a rival drug lord Ivery Davis, another was a slaying of a worker who tossed him out of a Brooklyn roller rink and in yet another death, Hardy is accused of killing Swedish filmmaker Johan Comitz, who was an innocent bystander in the Davis murder.

Since his arrest, the 37-year-old is apparently delusional and believes he is a Messiah by the name of Isa Ibn Jibril, court papers reveal.

Hardy's lawyer will appeal the decision to drug his client, who suffers from schizophrenia and is currently jailed in a federal prison hospital in Springfield, Mo.

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