Lil' Kim dropped her 'Black Friday' mixtape this past February, claiming she actually sold 113,000 copies in the first day. The album's shocking cover artwork -- Kim holds a sword while sitting beside a decapitated Nicki Minaj -- was enough to let the world know a feud between the two was far from ending. But now it seems the beef may come to an end as a rep for the Queen Bee claims that the veteran Brooklyn rapper is finally ready to squash her tiff with Minaj, tonight.

The anonymous source told that the two would bury the hatchet during Friday night's (April 1) Chicago tour stop of Lil Wayne's I Am Still Music tour, where Nicki will open up the show.

"Their beef was taken out of context at the end of the day," the source explained. "S--- got ugly, yeah, but it was on both sides. Nicki had been getting at her when she was still on the come up and so Kim had to defend her legacy [...] A meeting took place after [the I Am Still Music tour stop] Buffalo [last month] and both sides agreed to get money ... "

According to Kim's rep, she will appear on stage with Nicki Minaj to officially put an end to the beef. "They agreed to squash it at the show tonight," the source said. "It's gonna be a big look for them ... "

The two prominent female MCs have taken several shots at each other over the past year. But recently Nicki Minaj has remained mum on the issue while Kim continued to lash out, most notably by dropping her 'Black Friday' diss mixtape.

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