Rapper Lil' Kim was supposed to drop her new mixtape, 'Hardcore 2K13,' on Black Friday, but she missed the deadline. However, the Queen Bee released a new single via Twitter called 'I Am Kimmy Blanco' to hold fans over.

Over an eerie track, Lil' Kim raps tough rhymes about lyrically murking rappers (*cough* Nicki Minaj) and holding down the throne in the rap game.

"It’s Kimmy Blanco / The female Keyser Sosa / Taking over the game / Hercules, conquer / That bitch know how I get down / They already prompted us / While you screamin’ Queen Bee / We aimin’, here’s your encore," she spits.

Kim declares her dominance again in the chorus, rapping, “I am Kimmy Blanco / The motherf---in’ head honcho / So you better have your poncho / I’m about to rain on you pronto."

The 'Lighters Up' rapper doesn’t sound energetic on the song and her lyrical threats are rather tame. Nevertheless, the tune is garnering mixed reactions on Twitter.

"I just want to make U guys happy," Kimmy tweeted. "I love U guys."

In addition to the song, Lil' Kim also released the tracklist to her 'Hardcore 2K13' mixtape. The 13-song collection includes cameos from French Montana ('Suicide'), Jadakiss ('Real Sick'), Yo Gotti ('Stadium Muzic') and — brace yourselfMiley Cyrus ('Bad Bitch').

Check out the 'Hardcore 2K13' tracklist below.

Listen to Lil Kim's Song 'I Am Kimmy Blanco'