She's back!

Rapper Lil' Kim tweeted some exciting news to fans on Jan. 25, writing, "Due to shed. conflicts I will not be attending Providence Night Club tonight, Jan 25th. I will be in the studio finishing up my new album!!"

It's been two years since she released her Black Friday mixtape, which followed 2005's The Naked Truth. In September 2012, Lil' Kim revealed that she was working on the new album with an unlikely collaborator, Kelly Osbourne, on a song titled "The Bitch Is Back."

2013 will sure be an interesting year for the return of hip-hop's Queen Bee.

Earlier this week, Lil' Kim was spotted filming a new music video for her song "Jay-Z" in Queens, New York. She was reportedly joined with guests French Montana, Tony Testa, Tiffany Foxx and "Mob Wives" star Carla Facciolo.

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