Just when you thought it was over, Lil' Kim fired back at Nicki Minaj with the first leak off her Valentine's Day mixtape release 'Black Friday.' Over the weekend, the Queen Bee released a snippet of 'Warning,' a diss track where she reconfigures Minaj's lyrics on 'Did It On 'Em' and spits over the Bangladesh-produced beat.

Flipping the chorus, the Brooklyn rapstress sets of the track by rapping, "S---ted on 'em / I'm just pissin' on 'em / Spittin' on 'em." Kimmy Blanco uses her first verse to assert her reign, spitting, "All these b----es is my pets I keep a tight leash around they necks / Bitches try to bite, take they a-- to the vet / Put 'em right to sleep like they pop a Xanax / Yeah I be s---tin' on 'em / Spittin' on 'em/ Kimmy go in, I go extra hard / I swipe your whole life with my debit card."

In the second verse, Kim uses Nicki's preferred rapping style by tacking on punchline words after a sentence. "The Lamborghini turns into Megatron / Got 'em blue in the face, Avatar / I be shittin' on 'em, diarrhea / You b----es lookin' burned, gonorrhea / Same bitches throwin' shots tryna be her / I guess it's all politics, Condoleeza / I'm the first lady, her majesty / Rap's royalty, b----, now you work for me."

The rapstress' beef has been well documented over the past year, with each party releasing diss tracks aimed at one another. Last Thanksgiving, Kim dropped the mixtape's title track 'Black Friday' and later shot a joint video for both the tune and 'Clap Clap' in her native Brooklyn.

Listen to Lil Kim's 'Warning' Snippet

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