Ruff Ryders alumnus Eve is spilling the tea over at CBS’ The Talk. Recently, she opened up about Lil’ Kim giving her hella shade when she was on the come up in the rap game.

The veteran rapper recalled being a huge fan of Lil' Kim that she was so excited to finally meet her during the early stages of her career. Unfortunately, her interaction with Kim left her disappointed.

Apparently, Eve went up to Queen B -- who was at the top of the rap game at the time (circa 1996) -- and asked her to appear on her debut solo album. According to the “pitbull with a skirt,” Kim gave her the stank face. However, years later, Eve and Kim became dear friends.

But Lil’ Kim seems to have a different take on the incident. In fact, she said that it never happened.

"Why do you girls always do this to me? Trying to make me out to be the bad guy?" she tweeted. "I don’t remember it that way at all. [Eve] is my girl that’s my baby y’all. We are not fighting. We are real friends. We can have this debate and still cuddle on the couch and watch a movie."

Despite the confusion, it looks like Lil' Kim will visit The Talk and set the record straight. "Oooohhh I can’t wait to have this debate on your show. What is really in those cups that ya’ll be drinking?" she wrote.

As competitive as the rap game was back in the '90s, we wouldn't be surprise if Lil' Kim was cautious about another hot female rapper on the come up. But thankfully, it's all love between them.

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