If there was any leftover questions regarding her beef with Nicki Minaj, Lil' Kim put it all out on the table during an interview with MTV's RapFix on Thursday (March 2). Kim, who sat down with host Sway for the live broadcast streamed on the RapFix website, made it clear that the only way she will even consider putting an end to her beef is if there's money involved.

"Money talks," Kim said. "This is the thing, at the end of the day, I do what I have to do and I'mma keep doing what I have to do. [Cash Money is] the ones who brought this about. What they did was underestimate me. They thought I was just gonna sit back and let them do what they doin'."

Kimmy Blanco noted that her fans drove her to respond to what she feels is Minaj's blatant lack of respect for the path she's carved. "I also have to fight for my fans. What kind of message would that send to my fans if I said, 'Oh, I'mma just lay back and let this girl do what she's doing?' My fans were more fumed than I was. They were the ones who were like do you see this? Do you hear this? I owe my fans a whole lot."

According to Kim, in the world of female hip-hop stars, Minaj wants to be the main attraction, refusing to collaborate with other women in her lane. "She wanted to be the only one out there. She took it as an opportunity and she took advantage of the fact that she had a powerful building [Cash Money] behind her. I pat myself on the back for keeping it moving this far without a building behind me, if I had a building behind me it would be different.

Since waging an all out war against Minaj, Kim's relationship with Diddy has suffered in the process. According to the Brooklyn native, despite Diddy's neutral stance on the issue, Kim believes that her former friend took Minaj's side by allowing her to spit a diss verse on his remix to 'Hello, Good Morning.' Adding insult to injury, Kim said that Diddy never reached out to her in prison, but jumped at the opportunity to go see Lil Wayne during his eight-month stint on Rikers Island. "He didn't write me a letter," she said of Diddy, still referring to him as Puffy. "I didn't need no money, but just the fact that he didn't even try to. You gonna go see Wayne? What I'm saying about Puff is, 'How dare you?' If anything, keep your loyalty to me because I been there for you." Ironically, even though Diddy failed to show up, Kim revealed that Oprah, who has been open in her past about her disdain towards hip-hop, sent her several "inspirational" books and wrote her letters while she was locked up.

Kim also aired out her grievances towards former Junior Mafia member Lil' Cease vowing to never reconcile with him after he testified against her during her perjury trial in 2005. She also slammed producers of the Notorious B.I.G. biopic 'Notorious,' writing it off as a "spoof," and acknowledged the slain rapper as a "brother" and "father figure."

As previously reported Kim, dropped her 'Black Friday' mixtape last month. The rapper claims to have made $1 million in 24-hours from selling the release for $9.99 a pop. She promised that fans will finally receive the physical copy of the album this Friday.

Watch Lil Kim's 'Black Friday'

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