As Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj continue their bitter feud, the leak of a mysterious track featuring both female rappers has fans in disbelief. With Lil Kim continuing her tirade against the rising Lil Wayne-affiliated rapper, fans were left guessing when and how the track was recorded.

"As soon as Kim came home from jail -- right before 'Dancing With the Stars' -- I was like, 'There's this new bitch that's about to be hot, you might want to fuck with her," recalls Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie, the song's producer via Vibe. "Nicki came to the studio and did the verse with me. She hadn't even met Kim."

The record that would come out from those fateful sessions titled 'Everywhere We Go' made its way on to the Internet earlier this month. A former Bad Boy producer, D-Dot maintains that the track was recorded over two years ago and was never completed by Lil Kim. The verse that you hear on the record is actually just a reference she laid prior.

"[Lil Kim] said 'cool when you put Nicki on it send it back to me,'" he explained. "I sent it back and she never re-did a new verse. So that's the same old Lil Kim reference verse." D-Dot couldn't give an explanation as to why Kim never came back and finished recording her vocals. But it's without a doubt that the song was recorded long before their current rivalry began to bubble. Still, the producer has no clue as to how the record even made its way to the public, "I didn't leak the record. The only people that had a copy was Lil Kim and me," he says. "So I don't really know where that came from."

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