Lil Jon and Zumba Fitness are partnering up to release the rapper's new single entitled "Work." It will be available on iTunes next month.

According to Billboard, the 41-year-old rapper performed the track last month at the Zumba instructor conference in Los Angeles.

"Zumba is world-wide, respected and it's about health," said Lil Jon. "It's something that you really didn't expect from me. People have been blown away to find out that Zumba and I have partnered up."

Zumba's co-founder Beto Perez seemed particularly excited about the partnership.

"Major names in music recognize that it's good business to be with Zumba," said Perez. "These artists are talented, write catchy music and they get people hooked."

Zumba reportedly reaches 14 million people spread out over 152 countries and is continuing to grow.

Other artists who've worked with Zumba include Don Omar, whose single "Zumba" is number 1 on Billboard's Latin Airplay chart this week, as well as Pitbull, whose "Pause" (Zumba Mix) has sold over 70,000 copies.

Also involved in the deal is something being dubbed a 'nightclub series,' which will feature Jon and celebrity fitness instructor Gina Grant. Presumably, it will find the pair leading a Zumba fitness workout at different nightclubs across the country.

So far there are four dates planned. April 9 in Boston; April 10 in Pittsburgh, April 11 in Queens and April 13 in Cincinnati, respectively.

Tickets for those dates go on sale tomorrow (Feb. 22).

Are you ready to work out with Lil Jon?

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