It looks like Atlanta-based Crunk Godfather Lil Jon is going to have to finally pay the government back for all those years of hard partying. It's been revealed that the ultra-hyped producer owes the IRS over half a million dollars in unpaid back taxes, and the federal government moved to take away Jon's Isle of Palms home last year.

As reported by The Detroit News, that home was slapped with a lien for $638,937 on June 24, 2008. While the spacious mansion was worth a solid $1.9 million, it was already the victim of foreclosure back in August 2010.

Jon has engaged with many new ideas for entrepreneurial ventues from making his own drinks and wine to starring in his own reality show about the vineyard scene, but he hasn't made a big splash with the public since his days as a Top 40 king in the mid-Aughts. Perhaps in an attempt to get some quick cash, Lil Jon will appear in the upcoming season of 'Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice' where he will battle with a cast that is also pleagued by tax issues.

If anything, all these recent IRS busts signal that the government is cash-strapped and serious about collecting on unpaid accounts.

Watch Lil Jon's 'Hey' Video

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