Lil JonLike Snoop Dogg and T-Pain before him, Lil Jon is adding "tech savvy" to his grocery list of skills. The rapper, known to cash in on current trends (CRUNK!!! Energy Drink ring a bell?), has released an iPhone application guaranteed to satisfy his supporters.

The app, "Lil Jon: The Official Soundboard," features 17 soundbites recorded by the Atlanta producer-turned-rapper. Much like Snoop Dogg's "iFizzle," Jon's audio collection treats listeners to memorable lyrics from his song catalogue. For instance, fans can initiate the King of Crunk's signature phrases "What," "Okay" and "Yeah," made popular by the Usher record of the same name and comedian Dave Chappelle's side-splitting skits. Even the East Side Boyz collaboration, "Snap Ya Fingers," is showcased, featuring the title idiom, in addition to "Do It All By Yourself" and "Hey."

Female followers won't feel slighted either. They can also experiment with the catchphrases as Lil Jon urges them to two-step with "Ladies to the Dance Floor" or celebrate the taste of liquid libations by hearing the rapper chant "Patron Tequila."

While the selling point is hearing the grill-wearing rapper's animated sounds, the fun is in enhancing life's dull moments by pranking friends.

Lil Jon teamed with New York-based software company Gabe Jacobs Productions to create "Lil Jon: The Official Soundboard," now available on iTunes.

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