There's little doubt that Bay Area rapper Lil B has become hip-hop's resident eccentric over the last year, but does he have a little more to tell us about our day and era? A professor at UC Berkeley thinks so. In a recent lecture, professor Geoffrey D. Nunberg swagged out a class of undergraduates by using Lil B as a core example in his 'History of Information' course.

The professor quoted Lil B's track 'Age of Information,' where he raps "the age of information has hurt the race." Lil B blames technology for slowing down human development by putting everything at one's fingertips. "Yea we're gonna be staying on the moon/ But there's still gonna be racists, so in the end are we really winning?" the song continues.

"He's saying the human race has not progressed as much as we should be," explains Nunberg. "How come the human race hasn't progressed as fast as technology has? We're going to be staying on the moon, but there's still going to be racists."

The professor views Lil B as someone that has grown up and learned to function, create and market himself in a new era where one's personality and life cannot be separated from online worlds and all they have to offer. Being one of the more prolific rappers as far as making songs, shooting videos and then spreading his content throughout the world without marketing help, perhaps The Based God can tell us a lot about how the world will experience information moving forward. He's not all just Bill Clinton and Wonton Soup.

Watch Lil B's 'Age of Information'

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