Lil B recently discussed his video for "Violate That Bitch," which is actually about romance. "I want all the women to know when I'm talking about violating a bitch, I'm not talking about rape or any forced sexual stuff like that. I wanna make that clear to all the beautiful women. 'Violate That Bitch' is more about giving a mood off and for the girls that like to be dominated. The girls that like the masculine men. The masculine men that sometimes like to get a little rough on the sexual side. You might see lions and and dogs that are rough with each other and making love and and that's just in our genes. So violating that bitch is just about getting amped and getting ready for that love making." [Complex]

Producer Danja says that the new Britney Spears album will be typically "risky." "I think you can expect the unexpected from Britney," he said. "She is taking risks when it comes to fashion, when it comes to choreography, when it comes to this music -- she's grown up so much, and she's pushing 30 years old soon, so she's a strong, independent woman and I think she wants to show that." Well, she's always taken risks when it's come to personal hygene and child-rearing, so this should be easy for her. [MTV]

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