A California teen is being called a hero after a fire broke out in his housing development and he knocked on doors telling people to get out including apartment owner Lil B, himself.

According to the the Contra Costa Times, 15-year-old Mateo Ysmael saw his bedroom wall on fire and took action.

"I just ran and got my stepmom, and told her I thought the place was on fire," he tells the newspaper. "Then I went and got my little brother and my two sisters. We got out of there quick. Then I pounded my neighbor's door."

And one of those neighbors happened to be The Based God, himself, who didn't see the blaze, and had no idea he was in danger. "I'm grateful to be alive," he said. "If that kid didn't come knocking on my door...I've got to thank the Contra Costa Fire folks for doing such an amazing job keeping it contained. They were extraordinary."

Thankfully, not too much of the 25-year-old rapper's personal belongings were harmed, although he did lose some clothes and music in the fire.

Afterwards, he reiterated that he was happy to leave his home unscathed and he wasn't upset about losing his valuables at all.

"It could've been so much worse than it was," he stated. "Like I said, I'm grateful to be alive."

We are also grateful too. And props to Mateo Ysmael for his quick actions. He's a hero in our books.

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