Black don't crack. Just ask Lil B. As borderline absurd as his presence is, the entertainer has usually been about positivity. In his new video for 'No Black Person Is Ugly,' the entertainer delves into some conscious rap.

A lot of Lil B's material isn't meant to be taken seriously. But in this clip, he's seen posing in front of sunlight wearing a tropical shirt while still shots of African-Americans of all ages stare in front of the camera. The BasedGod is also seen staring contemplatively behind his sunglasses into the distance, so you know he's serious.

Lil B is joke-free in his lyrics as he touches on media representation, sexual violence and unity.

"Propaganda is slander to black beauty / I'm not stupid I see it everyday / They got shows like '[Prison] Break' but won't help you get straight," he raps.

Lil B questions if this is the most powerful song of the decade in the YouTube video title. Maybe Bobby Shmurda's tale of "selling crack since like the fifth grade" ironically has him beat, but it's a worthy four minutes.

Check it out above and look at what he has to say about it in the tweets below.