CBS and The Grammys have launched a contest called "Gig of a Lifetime" to let one aspiring artist perform at the 2013 Grammy Awards and by some far-fetched stroke of luck, hip-hop oddball Lil B is on the ballot.

Thing about Lil B is he may seem like he's living in an alternate reality-- and he probably is-- but there is something intriguing about the prolific, young musician.

His cult following has already been hitting up various prominent social networks promoting the campaign. The winner of the contest receives three days of live coverage leading up to the awards show as well as the chance to perform live to the Grammys.

The contest started on Jan. 10 and will run until Jan. 29. Fans can vote for Lil B through the Grammy Awards Facebook app, earning an extra vote if they publicize their choice with a tweet.

Although the rapper recently trolled the entire internet with a terrible song that featured his cat, it would still be awesome to watch him perform in front of thousands of people who don't understand what "based" even means.

Absurd as he may be at times, the kid is clearly talented and deserves mainstream fame -- or at least a shot at it.

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