Never try your luck against the Based God. After casting a curse on the former MVP Kevin Durant, Lil B has decided to channel his energy against a new opponent, Houston Rockets guard James Harden.

If you recall, Lil B was infuriated because James Harden failed to pay homage for using his celebratory “cooking dance.” Now, according to TMZ, a perturbed Lil B has officially placed a curse on the basketball player in hopes of preventing the Houston Rockets from reaching the NBA Finals.

Since Harden refused to apologize or even acknowledge the rapper, Based God decided to put the hammer down on the cerebral scorer. After a demoralizing 115-80 loss in Game 3, the Rockets appeared all but finished. “He lost by 35 points to match the jersey number of his former teammate [Kevin Durant] who is actively cursed right now,” Lil B told TMZ.

Harden performed abysmally in Game 3 as well, shooting a horrid 3-16 from the field. While many are befuddled by the power behind Lil B’s curse, it appears that the baller isn’t ready to give in. Last night (May 25), he performed beyond admirably and manhandled the Golden State Warriors.

The Houston guard finished with a playoff career best 45 points in the Rockets’ 128-115 victory. With the Rockets now trailing 3-1 in the best of seven series, we can only marvel at the battle between Harden and Lil B and watch who will outdo the other.

Game 5 featuring the Rockets vs. the Warriors is Wednesday night (May 27) at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif.

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