Fresh on the heels of announcing the tile of his new album, 'I'm Gay,' rapper Lil B has now revealed that he is working on an EP with Roc Nation signee Jay Electronica.

The news is typical of Lil B, who always seems close to pulling off some bizarre feat, and extremely surprising of Jay-Z-affiliate Jay Electronica, one of hip-hop's most respected new artists, though he has released music at a snail's pace since his acclaimed single 'Exhibit C.'

While the collaboration is sure to confound Jay Elec purists, it is also an odd choice stylistically, as the two are quite dissimilar in approach and content: Jay is a rapper's rapper, influenced by Nas, MF Doom and Raekwon, while Lil B is a bit more simplistic, best known for his one-line repetition in songs like the 'Ellen Degeneres' and 'I'm Miley Cyrus.'

"If you listen to Jay Electronica's first mixtape that he had 'Exhibit C' on, and if you really listen to him, there's a lot of stuff that I feel in my heart are similarities," B explained to MTV. "You know, like, subject matter. It's another level that we're in tune on, because we're here for the positivity and to make a change."

While very little is known about the EP, and Jay Electronica has yet to confirm the collaboration,

Jay retweeted a Lil B quote, "we shud love each other way more and really be the generation to have the most positive change! in history!" on April 20, proving that, on some level, he connects with the Bay Area rapper.

"This project with Jay is gonna be very spiritual, very uplifting, very deep," he said. "It will be historical."

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