Back in January, the BoomBox reported that Cash Money CEOs Bryan "Baby" and Ronald "Slim" Williams had announced their foray into the oil industry with a new company, Bronald Oil & Gas. The duo offered a mission statement on, mapping intentions to set up shop in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and even Central America. But this week, Bloomberg News reported that the details behind Baby and Slim's company seem a little sketchy.

According to Bloomberg, attempts to contact the company were all in vain. They reported that Bronald does not have a listed phone number, and that the New Orleans and Florida residences linked to the company don't receive calls. Several high-profile oil operators in Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana say that they don't have any record of Bronald's existence and the Williams' publicist Kia Selby has declined to comment on the company's current status. One oil mogul went on to say that even if the company is legitimate, it would be difficult for them to penetrate the industry due to high costs. He explained that Bronald's success would depend heavily on the partnerships they made in the coming months.

Although Bloomberg seemed bent on reporting the inconsistencies of the company, for now we can give Slim and Baby the benefit of the doubt. After all, the company is still in it's early stages and the brothers have certainly been busy dealing with Lil Wayne's current gun possessions case.