Lauryn Hill is on a performance spree, showcasing her entire debut solo album, 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' as part of the Rock the Bells festival. This weekend, the New Jersey native hit Los Angeles for a set, moving through tracks like 'Lost Ones' and 'To Zion.' Now Hill is giving some insight into her words and sounds in the exclusive film series 'Classic Albums By Classic Artists' presented by Reebok Classics & Rock The Bells.

In the clip, the Fugees frontwoman discusses her 1998 Grammy award-winning LP, a work of art that has garnered her critical acclaim and a legion of followers. "I think we understood that ['The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill'] was going to be landmark, but i don't think i understood to what degree other people would really be deeply impacted by what was done," the rapper-singer states. "I say all the time, I make music not necessarily for selfish reasons, but I make the music I want to hear. And when you find that other people want to hear that too, how could you not be excited about that."

Hill, who reveals that the effort was an exhibit of "low and high culture coming together," used the album as a way to educate people about life lessons and amazing music. "I was excited about taking this music that I thought was beautiful -- old school, doo-wop music, cats used to harmonize -- just taking that and making something contemporary that my generation could get excited about," she shares.

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